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Please Note:

When considering where you want to stay, please keep in mind that Hotels, Guest houses, Bed & Breakfasts and small family run resorts like ours have overhead. (expenses) Meaning it costs a great deal of money to keep our doors open.

If you're travelling on a budget and you are thinking about renting a private home in Belize, ask these simple questions:

1/. Is that home registered with the Belize Tourism Board? (Do they have a licence?).

2/. Are they collecting Accomodation Tax and turning it into the Tourism Board?

3/. Do they employ Belizeans?

3/. Do they pay Social Security contributions for those employees?

4/. Do they pay Business Tax?

5/. Do they have a family to feed? or Are they giving anything back to the community?

6/. If I stay at this unlicenced facility? How many others are doing the same? How long will the licenced ones last before they have to close their doors and put their employees out on the street?

“Please don’t stay at unlicenced private homes or accomodations”.

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