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We can NOT control nor take responsibiliy for any acts of nature. More specifically : the weather, insects or the presence of wild animals in our area. "After all they were here first!"
When visiting developing countries in the tropics expect bumpy roads, unexpected rain, chance encounters with wildlife and insects as well as stores that don't have everything your heart desires. "This is all part of the adventure!"
Consejo is a quiet, forgotten place with a slow paced feel. There's no endless sandy beaches here with the hustle and bustle one would expect to see in the Caribbean. That's not what we're selling. 
We are NOT a 5 Star all inclusive Resort with servants waiting on hand and foot. This is a small family run establishment in a low volume area quietly nestled in a sub-tropical jungle setting. 
If youre interested in a quiet layed back type atmosphere then give us a call or send us an e-mail. Edit Text